With a decade of litigation experience, Daniel Werlinger has earned a reputation of being a powerhouse trial attorney.  Throughout his years of serving as the Chief Prosecutor in two of the busiest district courts in the State of Texas, Daniel has taken on the most difficult cases and seen them through to a positive resolution, consistently winning against seasoned attorneys.  Utilizing his knowledge and experience in the court room, Daniel founded the Werlinger Law Group to assist clients in both criminal and personal injury cases.

Board Certified Attorney in criminal law, Daniel’s experience as a District Attorney for Harris County comprises of trying a diversity of cases including:

  • Aggravated felonies such as capital murder, murder, robbery, sexual assault, and child abuse (both sexual and physical abuse);
  • Intoxication offenses such as intoxication assault and manslaughter; and
  • Property crimes.

Daniel also worked many cases from inception at the crime scene through their conclusion at jury trial.  Daniel trained with the Houston Police Department and became certified in vehicular crash investigations and reconstruction.  Over the course of many years, he led the investigation of hundreds of major injury and fatality car crash cases.

Additionally, Daniel has worked at one of Texas’ most prestige personal injury law firms and handled an assortment of personal injury cases. Daniel has battled large insurance companies and can take on:

  • 18 wheeler wrecks;
  • Automobile and motorcycle accidents;
  • Injuries caused by others negligence such as slip and falls.

Having spent many years trying cases as a prosecutor in the court room, Daniel has the added advantage of knowing exactly what to expect from his opponents so he can more effectively argue your case.  He is dedicated to providing his clients superior representation from consultation through to resolution and isn’t afraid to fight aggressively for his clients’ rights, no matter the size of the case.